This really is the point of life, we both know that. That’s why you’re learning game. Why you want that mega hot girlfriend, why you want that Lamborghini, why you want that beach house in Cabot, why literally everything. The core root is happiness. That being said, why are there some people who have all of the above, yet are so unhappy? Let’s shed a little bit of light on happiness really quick, I want you to really think about some of the below points. Don’t just read it and be entertained. Really take TODAY and drive them into your mind. You’ll thank me later.

How do we get to a happy state? First off, here are a couple of quick perspectives on happiness.

1- Both happiness and sadness come from an internal reaction to something occurring in your life. When you see someone who is better than you, buffer, funnier, richer, better looking… what is your reaction? Are you one to react with low or high vibrations? Low meaning the low value, fear based, jealous type of reaction… or high vibration meaning how can I get to that level, accepting of who you are right now while improving, what sort of value can I offer someone like that, etc. The truth is you cannot have both a judgmental/comparative point of view towards yourself AND happiness at the same time. It’s not possible I am telling you right now. Your mind is a very fertile garden, it has the capability to do whatever you like. Are you letting the poison ivy grow? Or are you planting flourishing green oaks? Watch what you think, it takes practice, but you must realize your internal happiness to truly appreciate this 1 in 3,000,000,000 chance that you have at being a human being right now reading this blog. Be mindful of your reactions to your environment and other people.

2- It blows my mind how unhappy we can all be in this amazing world (especially those of us in the USA). We live in the most mind blowing connected healthy amazing beautiful time ever. In previous civilizations, a guy like myself, average height and muscle, would have never been able to find an alpha female mate. I’d be clubbed in the face by some neighboring Marshawn Lynch tribal leader for my girl. These days, a guy like me has a fucking shot. You do too. The way you become alpha these days isn’t my physical size (though that may help). It’s by hardwork, providing value, and pushing yourself. Getting better everyday. That’s what alphas do. Don’t forget how fortunate we are.

What sort of real life actions can you take to achieve happiness beyond these perspective changes?

The best way, is by building on my point about poison ivy vs oak trees. What are you doing each and everyday regarding your comfort zone? Are you staying with the same habits, same lifting routine, same amount of socializing with strangers (if any), doing the same amount of work, all staying within your little comfortable blanket zone? Or are you pushing yourself to new lengths? Really ask yourself how you can get out of your comfort zone. Do something different. Build upon that. That is how you plant oak trees, and become happy. The oak trees represent your long term happiness, instead of doing the same thing and having that temporary happiness you need to be thinking long term with your life. Set goals. Push in increments everyday. Become better, today. Get a little uncomfortable. This will provide you with long term happiness, I promise.

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