Chasing vs. Persistence

So many guys are misguided once they begin learning game, especially when you first start to get into the intermediate level. Right when you kind of understand most topics, you’ve swallowed the red pill, but a lot of it is still confusing and still needs practice. One huge topic they learn about it is not chase girls, end up taking it too far, and crossing into the other extreme which is equally wrong. I believe this is a strong ego based reaction, especially once you find out you’ve been chasing women pathetically all of your life because that’s kind of what we’re taught to do right? We’re taught to spend a bunch of money on a girl on dates, be a perfect gentleman, and after the third date you get a little smooch as you walk her to her door (if you are lucky). Good for you! Later you may get to marry her because you are such a special little boy, and then finally she gives it up! Yes!!!

Once you find out that this is not actually how things work, it’s easy to freak out and go “well I don’t wanna be a weird little chasing guy like I’ve always been, I’ve gotta do the exact opposite!”. The issue here is that you miss out on so much more women in your life, and some great relations that may have came from a little more persistence.

There is a difference between chasing and persistence you must learn to calibrate. Chasing would be persisting without her interest. Now, she doesn’t have to give you a million signals and wink, hairflip, or text back novels to give you the sign she is interested. Just her still talking to you really is enough unless it’s her telling you to go away or stop following her. For instance if a girl doesn’t want to hang out, doesn’t reply to your asking out texts, it doesn’t quite mean game over yet. It’s worth another push, keep your cool and try again another day. I’ve had many times I thought it was game over, got rid of my ego for a minute, and tried again and the girl appreciated my persistence. Just because she doesn’t come over and have sex with you on your first time hanging out doesn’t mean talking to her more makes you a weak looking little ball chasing German Shepherd. Girls appreciate it when you hit her back up again to hang out, it makes her feel good and she’ll more than likely come around full swing quickly. Especially if you have a good personality and some game, this will happen a lot.

Here is a recent example. I messaged a girl on Twitter, got her number, she texted back so slowly if ever. I ended up coming over for a movie after a week or two of talking, and went in for a kiss. She rejected me at first which was fine. Time to back off and make her feel more comfortable. A little later we were vibing again we ended up making out. She did not want to push any further with me.. again that was completely fine. No “oh she’s not attracted to you enough, she would with the Master PUA guys right away”. Don’t listen to that shit. Staying the night knowing I was absolutely not getting laid, even though I tried, and then hitting her back up to hang out again turned out to be some of the best fucking sex adventures I have had in a long ass time. From then on it was literally a 3am phone call after the bars any night and come back to fantastic hook ups whenever I wanted. No strings attached.

Listen, girls are fucking weird sometimes. I get it. But don’t let all this get to your ego and you not want to look bad. It sucks when you do chase a girl and she stops replying, tells other people “oh look he keeps texting me hahaha” or whatever else. I get it man. Let me tell you this though, the two best naturals I have ever met in my entire life. Guys who would blow your fucking mind how many girls they sleep with.. literally would blow your fucking mind. The guys who taught me a lot. They get called creepy by girls when they aren’t around, they get talked about by girls and their friends “he keeps texting me lol” and they don’t give a shit. They got a little signal, and they keep trying. They make a great distinction not to be a pussy and supplicate the girl repeatedly, text a girl a bunch of times who never ever ever responds, or get desperate about it. But they persist like a motherfucker even after the girls reject them a couple of times. And they are rewarded greatly for it.

Ask yourself, do you want to look good and save face? Or do you want to get laid? I know my answer.

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