5 of the Most Common Mistakes Men Make with Women

Being Needy- This is the absolute biggest most common attraction killer known to man kind. She doesn’t text you back, so you text her over and over until she does, needing her response. Needing the girl to respond positively when you come up to talk to her. Needing her approval for your own happiness. Cut it out man! Your destroying yourself here. Instead learn to be outcome independent, meaning essentially no matter how the end result goes.. you are still content. Independence= happiness.

Being too nice- Now I am not saying to be a dickhead, that would be the polar opposite and just as bad. What I mean here is when you are overly nice, such as doing everything for the girl, and when she is being a complete brat or just straight up mean to you just put up with it and give her a back massage. Grow some cojones amigo! Have an opinion on things, don’t try to be the most nice and agreeable gentleman on this side of the Mississippi.

Letting your ego control you- Your ego will try to tell you goofy shit to stop you from growing. It’ll tell you “I’m way too cool to talk to that girl” or “no way I’d let myself be seen with these people..” when in actuality you may have had the greatest time of your life with that girl or that group. Don’t try to be the super cool guy!

Failing the girls’ tests- Girls are going to love your newfound James Bond Esque persona after reading this blog… but they are going to want to ensure you are a real man down to your balls. They’ll test you. It can be cumbersome but have fun with it, know what to say when they make fun of you for drinking a strawberry daquiri with your pinkie up! (god I hope you don’t do that..) and how to turn that around on them.

Trying to buy a girl a drink in exchange to meet her- Awful mistake. I hope this trend dies out along with the Kylie Jenner Challenge. There’s nothing wrong with buying a girl you like a drink, but to walk up with a drink for her to talk to you, essentially you’re asking her to graciously dub you with her valuable time for a 12 dollar blue martini.. which she will drink and promptly exit stage right (or worse, not even talk to you while she drinks it). And you’ll look like a needy submissive lil biznatch.



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