5 Biggest Killers to your Success (In Game AND Life)

These are five huge killers in Game, Life, and Business. Be aware of these mistakes, the elite have eliminated them from their lives.

Lack of desire to be great- Most guys are completely fine with not having the ultra hot girlfriend. They don’t mind dating the whale from Tinder, they don’t mind sticking with their high school sweetheart who is nothing near the girl for them. They’re cool with working that same shitty 9-5 job they hate because it’s comfortable. They don’t have to push themselves, it’s not a big deal. This is a huge fucking killer. You’ll never even know your own potential if you don’t light the fire under your ass to be fucking great in this world. Those who love to achieve and desire greatness, demand of themselves a higher effort and push past their mistakes.

Lack of self-discipline- One of the hardest hurdles. You must discipline yourself, or the world will do it for you.. and it’ll be ugly. There are going to be days where you feel like ass physically or emotionally. Guarantee that. I’m dizzy as shit writing this post I have no idea why, and our apartments heat is broken. It’s probably 58 degrees in here. I haven’t left my desk to buy a heater, I have way too much to do today. Think of every single day as a fucking test. The world is testing you. Can you push past? Can you get your ass out of bed early to open a set before work? Can you lift 4 days a week? Can you open the sets you don’t feel like doing? Can you manage your time right and get all of your manly daily habits done? Test yourself. Find the fuck out what your capacity is. Then push past that. It’s possible.

Procrastination- This is a huge one in game. Thinking “oh it’s cold out” or “oh I have a date today, I will just sit at home and go on the date, game tomorrow. Yea that works!” In college my buddies who were on this journey with me never wanted to game at school. The notion was “Well we can’t cold approach on campus and hurt our reputation (only partially true, topic for another post), so we should just work on social game now and cold approach when we graduate” WRONG. I drove my ass to the next city over and approached at malls to learn this. It paid the fuck off, looking at my buddies who some never even did start gaming, and those who eventually did later after graduation. We’re on completely different levels. Procrastination means you will end up with a fat ugly girlfriend. Trust me.

Lack of persistence- It’s easy to dream and start, but so hard to stick with your goals. You have to be willing to consistently sacrifice, and really push to your goals. You can start a quick overnight goal, get past the procrastination, and start. Then 5 days later go “ehhh yea today isn’t the day let’s do it tomorrow”. Lack of persistence and procrastination are two cousins. They go hand in hand. Be careful to stick with it. Push past. Don’t give up at the first hardship. This shit will really take you months to learn.

Overly Cautious- Being too cautious in the beginning especially kills your game. There’s a thing called the “law of averages” which states essentially there is the easy win out there. It’s a matter of pushing past all the ones in front of it before you uncover it. That next hard set could be the 10/10 who was waiting for you to talk to her. That next cold call in sales could be the guy who is so fed up with his service he was just waiting for someone to offer him something else. Step up to the plate. Don’t worry about bombing, don’t be too cautious. What you think is possible is always grossly underestimated as a protective measure by your mind. Be smarter than your mind.

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