Pickup Lines.. do they work?

Title- Ay grl, you like whales? Cause we can humpback at my place…


Favorite line. I have and do use it (you’re welcome to steal it from me.. for five easy payments of 39.95$).


But do pickup lines work? Can these specific inflections and verbal phrases really be the magic secret to getting girls, they just have to be the right line?


Well no… but yes (iknowrite). Unfortunately most people think there are some magic formulas that you can say to get a girl to drop her pants and fall head over heels for you, because you made her laugh. Don’t get me wrong, goofy things like this that some people call “pickup lines” (I don’t even like the word pickup, it puts a bad taste in my mouth), can be beneficial. If it were that easy though, wouldn’t we all be dating Mila Kunis? You know damn well I would be.


Why don’t they work? Why can’t I just learn a few lines and have an 8 way with Victoria Secret’s varsity squad? I have written about this before, and it comes down to your self improvement. Americans especially have been fooled by people and the media into thinking that there are Professor Copperfield’s Magic Legumes out there for everything in life. Xanax for anxiety. Green tea/amphetamine pills for weight loss. A muscle shocking band that shocks your stomach into six packs of steel effortlessly. Alcohol for emotional issues. One single investment that makes you a millionaire. Do any of these really work?


In actuality, none of these things produce real results… just like the pickup line.


In order to get good things in life, you must work hard. We all know this, but your brain takes what is called “The path of least resistance”. Remember this phrase, as I reference it a lot in my teachings and on my blog. This is your brain automatically calculating what takes the least amount of effort, and still produces some results. If fantastic results require fantastic work, dedication, and sacrifice, but very minimal (if any) results can be done with basically no input.. your brain will 100% OF THE TIME take the easier results. The brain wants to conserve itself, the body, and the ego way before it wants to push itself out of its comfort zone.


So back to the pickup line. How can they work for you? Yeah if you don’t have anything to say at all for banter, but you know how to use your body language, tonality, you look good, you feel confident, and you are genuinely interested in the other person, a pickup line can help. I still use them on occasion. In order for this to work though, it has to come from a certain state. You must be working on improving yourself (I know I know, you want instant mashed potatoes and you’re okay with the gritty ass flakes that look like something Goldmember would peel off and put in the skin box). You must work on building your communication skills, have aspirations, get your physique down, and be genuinely happy. Do you have to be a perfect being? Hell no. In fact you don’t have to have any of these things I just listed down pat. The fact that you are working on improving yourself, and tomorrow you will always be worth more than you were today, makes for one hell of a fucking attractive man (to women who want to have relationships with you, and for cool people to actually enjoy being around you). Nobody wants to meet and explore with someone who is stuck in a rut, that’s fucking boring. Now somebody who is digging themselves out of a rut, and working hard.. that’s interesting. That’s contagious, they want to be a part of that energy… not someone who would rather take a miracle legume and fix their life.



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